Improper Exhibition of a Firearm

There are many laws and rules as it relates to handling and carrying a firearm in Florida.  It is a crime to conceal a weapon if you do not have a permit and it is unlawful to openly carry a firearm under certain circumstances.  Improper Exhibition of a Firearm is a first degree misdemeanor in Florida punishable by up to a year in jail.

There are three elements to the crime of Improper Exhibition:

1.  The suspect possessed a gun.

2.  The suspect showed the gun in a "rude, careless, angry or threatening" way.

3.  The suspect showed the gun while around one or more people.

This Jacksonville gun crime is considered a lesser included offense to more serious gun crimes in Florida.  For example, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon is a third degree felony that is very similar to improper exhibition.  The main thing that separates the two is that with the Aggravated Assault charge, the State has to prove that the suspect threatened a person with violence and that threat created a reasonable fear in the victim.

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