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Client Reviews

Daughter needed a lawyer for a recent domestic violence charge. I contacted the law firm and she got to work, my daughter did not have to show up to court and charges were dismissed. Life is good. Thank you Mussallem Law Firm.

- D.H.

I don’t know where to start!!! Everything about Tori was more than what I expected she kept my parents on board with everything made sure they were included in every single detail about my case. She also went to court for me without me having to be present , call me before an after all of my court dates and kept me up to date on everything that pertain to my case!!! Thank you Ms. Tori for everything you are the best of the best!!!

- A.S.

In a time of uncertainty when I needed an attorney to defend my character and care about my family, she brought confidence and tenacity to my defense. I place great trust in her abilities.

- D.W.

Tori was exceptional from start to finish. I immediately knew I was in good hands. Smart, concise, and very effective.

- R.W.

I received quick service with positive results!

- S.J.

I went into the Mussallem law firm fresh out of jail, clueless, not knowing what to expect. All I knew was I was innocent, had the material to prove it, and needed professional representation. Tori went above and beyond every step of the way, constantly keeping me updated, which eventually led to 100% dropped charges. I would recommend Tori to literally anyone facing a time of uncertainty. She has the years of experience, and is very confident in her demeanor. Thank you Tori, and thank you Mussallem Law Firm. I will forever be grateful of your services.

- R.W.

Five stars are not enough for Tori! My partner and I reached out to 3 lawyers in the span of a week. One took 4 days to get back to us, the other we never heard from. Tori had called the day we filled out a form and had done her research before calling. She has been incredibly professional and helpful, and always kept me up to date. She does amazing work!

- M.G.

Tori provided high-quality legal representation and impeccable customer service from the beginning of my felony case until its resolution. She was able to successfully work a deal where my charger was DROPPED!!

I was arrested and charged with a second-degree felony. I was devastated, but I knew I needed a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney.

I spoke with a few attorneys, but after speaking with Tori I knew she was the attorney I needed by my side to fight this case. She was realistic and EVERYTHING she said she would do she did. Any special request I had, she granted.

When your freedom is on the line, selecting the right attorney is crucial. Hire Tori as your attorney and you can thank me later! She is truly a hidden rare gem!

- E.B.

If I could I would give Ms. Tori 10 stars!!! I chose The Mussallem Law Firm based on the reviews and I could not be any happier with the outcome. Ms. Tori is great!! Just what we needed. Very understanding, kind, professional, and responsive. She listened patiently, reviewed our case, told us what she was going to do for us, and did exactly that! I highly recommend her! A true powerhouse! Thank you again, Ms. Tori!

- D.S.

Very professional and kind. Was with me through the entire legal process. Kept me informed, explained everything, and stuck by me from beginning to end. Beyond highly recommend.

- W.C.

Standing ovation! Most efficient and understanding and truthful lawyers out there. I had a situation that needed to be taken care of in Florida that was hindering me since 2008. I had called around and did my research and I finally called Tori it was the most positive experience I had, I provide all my documentation she requested was able to put me back on the judges calendar less then a week I had a court date charges dropped immediately. I have a burden off my back that has been following for over a decade plus. Thank you so much Tori. I highly recommend she is so humble and honest. Works hard for her clients.

- D.A.

Tori got straight to the point and got my case resolved. Always kept me up to date on what's going on a breath of fresh air in a bad time of my life I highly recommend Tori mussallem.

- I.A.

I can not even put into words how grateful I am for Tori and her legal representation. I was potentially facing some awful consequences for an issue that happened in March. I initially hired another lawyer in the Jacksonville area and he did not do anything for me. I was feeling hopeless and almost gave up, but I made the best decision by firing that lawyer and hiring Tori. In 5 weeks she accomplished more for me than the entire 8 months prior with my previous attorney. The day I called her she answered the phone directly and spoke with me. The next day I met her at her office with all distancing and safety issues met, masks worn and sanitation procedures in place. She listened to me and collected all of my paperwork that I had completed already for mediation. I came to find out that my other lawyer hadn't provided the prosecution with any of my mediation and she quickly turned that around and communicated with the state and myself. I felt so much relief. She fought for me and I didn't feel like my life was over anymore. Last Thursday I had my arraignment and it could not have gone any better. Just when I thought I knew what to expect for the best possible outcome, it was an even better outcome. I won't go into detail on such a public forum but let's just say she worked her magic. I left the court room in tears of happiness. I encourage anyone who is seeking representation for a criminal or civil case to reach out to Tori Mussallem. Thank you so much for defending me Tori! My nightmare of a situation is over and I can move forward without a trail following me on my record for the rest of my life.

- B.T.

Excellent attorney.

- M.S.

When I was looking for a lawyer, I initially felt so hopeless because I do not live in Florida and had to rely on written recommendations. I chose Tori because of the comments of those she had represented and I was so encouraged the moment I spoke to her. Her expertise as a lawyer was evident throughout the whole process. In addition, I have such gratitude for her hard work and care on behalf of our family! You will make a wise choice in choosing her to represent you!

- E.Y.

Great experience was facing more time than I wanted to do. She told me that she could get my charges dropped i of course was skeptical. A week later all charges dropped. Going through this difficult time my finances weren't great we came up with a plan for that and the rest is history great lawyer/law firm. I Highly recommend.

- jrock198625

10/10 experience.

- C.K.

Tori is beyond amazing at what she does! She’s professional and gets the job done!! I highly recommend her, she will not disappoint!

- K.C.

Professional, excellent,and peaceof mind.

Excellent law firm with affordable rates. Tori was wonderful to work with and always easy to reach. Even in court, the judge of my case took a second to tell me what a great attorney she is, which was very unusual but made me feel confident to say the least. If you require professional legal representation or advice look no further. You will appreciate the comfort of having an experienced team working your case.

Thanks again,

- K.J.

Charges dropped!

Tori indeed has a wonderful reputation with the judges and state attorneys office as another user previously commented ... and it shows.

I spoke with a number of lawyers before choosing counsel. By far Victoria Mussallem instilled a level of confidence that the others simply were unable to match and which never waivered.

She was available, responsive and kept me informed throughout. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of an attorney. In fact, I'll go a step further and say you would be doing yourself a disservice by not at least consulting with her and giving her the opportunity to make you feel as confident as she made me.

- R.B.

I recently had a legal allegation come up in my life. I did not know what to do. I had heard about the Mussallem Law Firm and in particular, the attorney Tori Mussallem. I was told she was a terrific attorney in handling my type of legal matter and others.

I found out it all to be very true when I hired her and she represented me. She not only is extremely thorough but very knowledgeable about the law and court procedures . Ms. Mussallem is so disciplined , organized, answers all calls, makes a person feel at ease and follows through. Nothing goes beyond her as she is aware of all court requests, requirements, appearances, responses, etc. I currently live out of state as I am in college. Therefore, I was very worried about meeting all of my legal requirements and appearances. However, I was totally at ease as Tori handled it all perfectly for me and made my life so much easier.

I would absolutely recommend Tori Mussallem and the Mussallem Law Firm to anyone with any legal issue. She also has a wonderful reputation with the judges and the courts. Tori as I said makes you feel like you are always her main client and concern and always has time for you.

Thank you so much Ms. Mussallem for everything , for all of your legal assistance, expertise, compassion, and making this legal issue in my life much easier to deal with and obtain a good result for me.

Mussallem Law Firm and Tori Mussallem are Number One!

- M.H.

My lawyer Tori fought hard as if it was her freedom on the line. At the end of it all my family and I were extremely happy with the outcome. Thanks Tori you're the best! If you value your family and your freedom I highly recommend Mussallem Law Firm.

- T.K.

Excellent service. Well above expectations.

- E.F.

Tori is now officially apart of the family. Two 3rd degree felonies and 1 misdemeanor...charges DROPPED!!! So, I don’t know what you’re waiting for...hire her NOW! You can thank me later 😉

- B.W.

Ms. Mussallem (Tori) really is a expert and veteran at what she does. She helped and gave me hope with dealing with my case. Her negotiation skills with prosecutors were immaculate in finding the best possible option, leading its disposal. Once you and her agree on a plan; put your trust in her and she will overextend herself and reassure you on the best outcomes of your case. Ms. Mussallem is well respected in the justice system, and is good at what she does! Thank you again!

- A.C.

Tori helped me In getting a not guilty verdict when I was up against false allegations of domestic violence. If your needing a criminal attorney look no further because Tori is hands down the best around. Always delivers in your best interest. 100% trust worthy.

- S.H.

My fiancé just got out of prison not too long ago and got caught up in a situation with some dirty cops and this could’ve ended real bad. This is our 3rd time using Tori. She always comes through with what’s in his best interest and was able to keep him home! Thank you so much Tori, we really appreciate you!!!

- D.R.

I had 10 years of probation to do and was very doubtful that I could get off early. After looking at everything, Tori knew that I had done everything right, that I was a very different person, and that if anyone had a chance at early termination it would be me. She had me get all the character references, documents on what I had done since being on probation, and proof that I was a different person. She walked me through the process and got it done!! She kept me updated on timeframes, the status of what was happening, and she was ALWAYS on my side. Thank you, Tori!!

- S.B.

Very thorough and compassionate. She immediately put me at ease. She took her time, listened to me and did everything she promised for a very reasonable rate. She helped me about six years ago and I still tell people of how AWESOME she is!!!!

- A.C.

Tori was amazing. I had an incident happen that could’ve really wrecked my life and she listened, was honest, available, and took care of it swiftly and professionally so I can continue my life without worry. I highly recommend her! Not to mention. She’s a really great person and easy to talk to. Thank you so much, Tori!

- T.G.

A family member was arrested for a serious crime and I was devastated. Not knowing where to turn, with very little money, I frantically began a search for an attorney. Every lawyer I spoke with told me how serious the crime was and requested at least a $6,000.00 retainer, with a fee upwards if $15,000. I was beginning to lose hope and than emailed the Mussallem law firm around midnight. To my surprise my phone rang and that's when I met Lawyer Tori Mussallem. I told her of the allegations and story as I understood it. Tori immediately gave me hope when no one else did. Tori offered a payment plan in order to help me and requested HALF of the payment everyone else had quoted me. Tori was assertive, smart and very professional. The outcome of the process was better than I expected. I am forever indebted to this amazing lawyer. Thank you!!

- J.B.

I must say she did an amazing job. She gave me her word and she did exactly what she said. I would recommend her to ANYONE!!! SHE'S THE BEST AT WHAT SHE DOES!!!


- D.W.

Tori is one of the finest lawyers in town, if not the best. She took care of my case and through the whole process I felt that she truly cared about my concerns and took the time to make sure I understood everything that was going on. She was always available to talk to and I could not have hired a more equip lawyer to represent me through a hard time. I highly recommend Tori Mussallem as an attorney!


Referred from a good friend, Victoria was extremely professional and just as I had expected. She treated me very fair and went to bat for me on day 1. I definitely recommend!!

- C.V.

Best attorney around she represents you 100% if it can be done she's the the one, thank you for everything.

- S.M.