Probation Termination

People frequently contact our Jacksonville Probation Law Firm to discuss terminating their probation. At The Mussallem Law Firm, P.A., we can have your case placed on the judge’s calendar to address early termination of your probation.

Probation is a criminal sentence where the judge orders you to complete certain conditions in a certain time frame. You can be placed on probation for any crime in Florida and in some instances, probation is required. If you are convicted of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or Domestic Battery, Florida law requires you to be put on probation. When you are on probation, there are "special" conditions of probation that are specific to your unique case.  If you owe restitution in a theft case or a property crime case, payment of that amount is a "special" condition.  "Special" conditions also include taking driving classes, anti-theft classes, domestic battery classes, drug rehabilitation, etc.  In addition to these "special" conditions, there are "general" conditions of any probation in Florida.  These "general" conditions include remaining crime-free, no illegal drug use and random warrant-less searches by the probation officer.  If any of these conditions are broken while on probation, you could be violated and could be arrested.

Once all conditions are completed, there is often additional time left on the probation term.  It is possible to have our Jacksonville Probation Attorney petition the Court to end your probation early.

If you are placed on probation in Jacksonville, Clay County, Nassau County, or St. Johns County, in addition to completing certain conditions, you may also have restrictions placed on you. Restrictions could limit or prohibit your contact with a certain person or place. If you want to terminate your probation, contact our Jacksonville Criminal Attorney today for a Free Consultation at (904) 365-5200.

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