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Probation Modification

People frequently contact our Jacksonville Probation Law Firm to discuss modifying their probation. At The Mussallem Law Firm, P.A., we can have your case placed on the judge’s calendar to address any modification you wish to make to your probation.  After being placed on probation and agreeing to certain terms, life can change, making it difficult to complete certain conditions.  That is why it is important to seek a probation modification before a violation is committed.  Common modifications include extending the time to pay restitution and court costs, changing a no contact order to allow contact and converting performing community service hours to paying for them instead.

Probation is a criminal sentence where the judge orders you to complete certain conditions in a certain time frame. You can be placed on probation for any crime in Florida and in some instances, probation is required. If you are convicted of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or Domestic Battery, Florida law requires you to be put on probation.  Probation is also an alternative to being sent to jail or prison and it is a common part of most sentences.  If the crime is a property crime, such as theft or criminal mischief, payment of restitution is almost always a condition of probation.  Failure to pay restitution is considered a violation and can subject the probationer to arrest.  Most probation sentences also include taking classes, such as DUI school or a Batterers Intervention Program.  Excessive absences or dismissal from the programs can result in a violation of probation.

If you are placed on probation in Jacksonville, Clay County, Nassau County, or St. Johns County, in addition to completing certain conditions, you may also have restrictions placed on you. Restrictions could limit or prohibit your contact with a certain person or place. If you want to modify your probation, contact our Jacksonville Criminal Attorney today.

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“Daughter needed a lawyer for a recent domestic violence charge. I contacted the law firm and she got to work, my daughter did not have to show up to court and charges were dismissed. Life is good. Thank you Mussallem Law Firm.” D.H.
“I don’t know where to start!!! Everything about Tori was more than what I expected she kept my parents on board with everything made sure they were included in every single detail about my case. She also went to court for me without me having to be present , call me before an after all of my court dates and kept me up to date on everything that pertain to my case!!! Thank you Ms. Tori for everything you are the best of the best!!!” A.S.
“Five stars are not enough for Tori! My partner and I reached out to 3 lawyers in the span of a week. One took 4 days to get back to us, the other we never heard from. Tori had called the day we filled out a form and had done her research before calling. She has been incredibly professional and helpful, and always kept me up to date. She does amazing work!” M.G.