Injunctions and Restraining Orders

When the state builds cases of people violating injunctions and restraining orders, the foundation is generally the word of one person: the alleged victim.

If you find yourself accused of one of these violations, let the Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney at The Mussallem Law Firm, P.A., tell your side of the story.

The penalties can be severe, even if you did not intentionally break the terms of the injunction or order. These orders often come with a “no contact” provision, preventing you from coming within 500 feet of the person who got the injunction against you – and that includes their home or workplace. That also means no phone calls, no e-mails or nothing in the regular mail either. Even “third party” contact – trying to relay a message through someone else – can get you arrested.

Most people think that once an injunction is entered, it restricts both parties from contacting one another.  Not so.  The injunction only applies to the "Respondent" of the injunction.  Even if the "Petitioner" contacts the Respondent, the Respondent is not allowed to respond back.  Our Jacksonville Injunction Law Firm has represented many people who have been invited to have contact, physical and otherwise, with the very people who filed for the injunction in the first place.  Some were having contact for months before the Petitioner decided he or she wanted the Respondent out of their life.  Again.

A conviction for Violating an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence can bring up to a year in jail. On top of that, the civil court has the power to make the injunction permanent. Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney, Victoria Mussallem at The Mussallem Law Firm, P.A., can fight for you before those penalties come down.

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